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Keep it off!

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Our Long-Term Maintenance Program is designed to provide you with the tools you need to maintain your weight loss and secure your investment after completing our e21, e42, and e84 plans. This program allows you to continue your healthy lifestyle and ensure long-lasting results. 💪✨

The tools you need

The knowledge you will gain here will help you become healthier.  This is not a quick-fix diet.  We will give you the tools and education you need so you can continue working in the long term.  This program includes the Healthy Lifestyle Program manual, a 7-day meal plan, a grocery list, and recipes.  

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This self-guided manual will give you the steps, tips, and information you need so you can start your path to good health. 


7-Days Meal Plan with Recipes

This program comes with a complete 7-day meal program.  You will have 7 options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a list of healthy snacks.  This meal plan comes with recipes for the 7 days.   


Recipes and grocery list

To help you get organized, we have designed a handy shopping list so you can buy everything you need in one shop.  


A healthy lifestyle is easier than you might think. The path to good health isn’t the same for everyone, and yours may change over time. To travel down your path, take all the steps right for you, one at a time. Every step adds up, so you will reach your health goals before you know it!

Your path to good health

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