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The Power of Two!

Losing weight as a couple, or even with a close friend, may increase your chances of success.


Trying to lose weight isn't as easy as it seems, especially when doing it alone. Consider grabbing a partner if you have considered starting a new health or weight loss program.  Research shows couples were three times more successful at losing weight than single people.  Here are a few tips for couples:

Make a date and go shopping. Having healthy foods at home sets the foundation for healthy eating.  Both fruits and vegetables should make up about half of your meals.  Help each other limit snacking. 

Design a healthy meal plan together. Sit down together and write out a week’s worth of meals.  Make sure that both of you agree on what you are choosing. Together, you can try new foods and explore new flavors.  Don’t be afraid to spice it up. 

Focus on habits, not the number on the scale. Focus on the eating and activity habits you want to change together.  Support each other.  Do not make competition.  It takes time to create new habits to lose weight with your partner. 

Spend more time outdoors. A simple walk in a park creates bonding and intimacy between couples, which is especially useful in successful relationships. It also helps to burn some calories!



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