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This unique blend of homeopathic ingredients supports the body by relieving symptoms for emotional food cravings (comfort eating, boredom eating and stress eating).  It also reduces feelings of anxiety and stress.  Appetite Control can be used daily for all-day-weight-management support or can be administered as needed when cravings strike. 

Dosage: 10 drops under the tongue, twice per day.  After 10 days, increase to 15 drops twice per day.

*Refrigerate after opening.

Hunger Control (Appetite Control)


    Because they are energetic medicines they need to be store carefully.  If you follow these guidelines below, your remedies will last several years which makes them very good value for money.

    • Store them in a cool place such as a drawer or cupboard.  The ideal range should be between 50-68F.
    • Refrigerate your homeopathic drops after opening.
    • The medicines should be away from strong sunlight.
    • Do not keep them next to equipment that emits a strong electromagnetic field such as computer, hands free home phone or mobile phone.
    • Keep them away from strong smells such as essential oils and things you might use if you have a cold such as eucalyptus rubs or ‘tiger’ balms.

    When you take your formulas, it is important to follow these


    • Tip and tap each bottle 10x before each use. 
    • Take your formula in a clean mouth.  This is important because the formulas are absorbed through the delicate lining of your mouth rather than in your stomach.  What we mean by a “clean” mouth is one that has not just been eating some food!
    • Take your formula at least 15 mins after or before any food.
    • After taking your formula, wait 15 mins before cleaning your teeth as this is the same effect as eating something.

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